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guigar [userpic]
Bookworm Computing

Looking for work? Do you code?

Bookworm Computing, the folks who host Evil Inc, as well as several Blank Label Comics sites, is looking for contract programmers, PHP/CGI scripters, and web/graphics designers.

Fill out this form so they can contact you, and you're off and running. Bookworm Computing is good people. Good luck!


Do you know if web design and graphic design go implicitly hand-in-hand? I mean, I'm a graphic designer, but I can't do much of anything with HTML or Flash.

They don't exactly go hand in hand, but if the HTML guy doesn't know how the design should work together, it's hard to get the designs to fit with the code.

As it is, I have a lot of work ahead for at least a couple of people.


I figured as much. My graphic design in the past has been limited to product packaging and things of that nature. Web design was never my forte - a glance at troutcave.com and basilflint.com shows only the most rudimentary of HTML skills. Someday I'll learn how to make more than just a few tables...

If you can figure out how to manipulate phpNuke and PostNuke, you can skip the html skills for the most part. That just needs a graphics person that knows how some of the basics work.

I have several customers needing/wanting something that those sites would provide.

Hmm, interesting. I'd never heard of those things before. I'll readily admit my ignorance, but I'm more than willing to learn as I go, though I'm sure certain time constraints may not allow such luxuries.

Of course, like I said, I'm mostly a graphic guy - my design portfolio is here.

Hmm, looking into it now, a lot of this is clearly over-my-head. I guess programming isn't my half of the brain. Oh well.