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May 2007
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guigar [userpic]
...And Many Happy Returns

The newest sponsor of evil is going to be surprised to see his ad on the Evil Inc pages. That's because his sponsorship is being bought for him by a friend as a birthday present.

Is that not a thoughtful-as-all-getout birthday idea or what?

And I'm not just saying that because I made a cool twenty on the deal. :)

Here's what his friend wrote: I have a friend's birthday coming up on Friday, and I thought as a gift I might sponsor Evil Inc for a month and provide a button to his self-published comic (it's only got one issue out so far, second one out in the next few weeks, and can could use more visibility).

Well, methinks, I gotta take a look at the comic that would instill this kind of loyalty. Certainly, it must be special.

I was wrong. It's better than special.

The art is crisp and clean. It's clear the artist has chops and doesn't mind exercizing them. And the plot? The site says it better than I could:

The Honor Brigade starts with a lone security guard put in a strange situation.

You've seen this type of throwaway character before in comics. He's just background...he's filler. He's someone who gets beat on and never mentioned again.

A funny thing happened though. As I wrote I found myself making a deep story for this security guard. I didn't want his story to end.

When finally a close friend of mine called him "poor Joe" and wanted to know what happened next...I knew that I couldn't end his story.

So keep an eye on our lonely security guard Joe. You'll be surprised.

I checked out the first six pages of the first issue. I gotta get my hands on that ish! And the second one is on the way. Bonus!

Listen, you know you should support self-published comics. You get great stuff and feel good for helping the next crop of superstar talent get their foothold in the industry.

Head over and check it out. It looks awesome.

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Gotta say, Brad, big thanks. This ringing endorsement is a lot more than I paid for, and definitely makes it one heck of a birthday gift.
Thanks for making my friend Tom's birthday that much more special!