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This is a blog that was created by a young blogger I know. It's worth a look. It's written in a very crisp and clever way, and it's only going to improve from there! It's fun to see someone with an aptitude for writing start a project like this. If you go over, post a few comments and give this young writer props for a job well done.

Looking for work? Do you code?

Bookworm Computing, the folks who host Evil Inc, as well as several Blank Label Comics sites, is looking for contract programmers, PHP/CGI scripters, and web/graphics designers.

Fill out this form so they can contact you, and you're off and running. Bookworm Computing is good people. Good luck!

It's finally ready! The Evil Inc Annual Report, Volume Two is available for purchase through Lulu.com!

The book does not have an ISBN or a bar code yet, so if you purchase the book right now, it will have a white square on the back cover where the bar code will eventually go.

I'll be blogging more about this next week, but for now I'll tell you the basics: It's 81 pages -- about a third longer than Volume One -- and it's the same graphic-novelization of the daily comic strip concept I've done in previous books -- meaning, I've taken the individualy panels of the daily strips and used them to design graphic-novel-style pages. The whole things reads continuously from cover to cover.

I'll have a preview up next week for those of you who need one. For everybody else, get moving!

I have discontinued updating the blog here. :)

To check out the latest postings, please see my Web site: http://www.evil-comic.com

Blank Label Comics garnered 10 nominations in the 2006 Web Cartoonists' Choice Awards, which were announced yesterday.

Starslip Crisis, by Kristofer Straub, took 5 nominations -- Outstanding Newcomer, Outstanding Black-and-White Art, Outstanding Use of Flash, Outstanding Web Design, and Outstanding Science Fiction Comic.

Kris earned a sixth nod for his writing on Starslip Crisis, Checkerboard Nightmare, and Modern Humor Authority.

Wapsi Square, by Paul Taylor, earned two nominations -- one for Outstanding Black-and-White Art and another for Outstanding Character Art.

Ugly Hill, by Paul Southworth, was nominated for Outstanding Character Art. Shortpacked!, by David Willis, got the nod for Outstanding Comedic Comic.

Voting for the Webcartoonists' Choice Awards began on June 12 and will end on July 10. The winners will be announced July 17.

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Fair warning: If you want to know the whole story to Evil Atom's origins, along with some information on the origins of Evil Inc and some background information about Evil Atom's relationship with Catspaw, you'd better subscribe to the newsletter by Tuesday night.

I'm planning on spilling all of that stuff as an exclusive to newsletter subscribers on Wednesday.

Just send an e-mail to news-subscribe@evil-comic.com to get added to the mailing list.

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I've been getting a lot of positive response about today's Phables.

It's about all the annoying things that people do on the road. I've made it into a game. Now, when you see it happening, instead of getting angry, put an "X" in the corresponding box.

First one to get five in a straight line (horizontal, vertical, or diagonal) gets to yell:


Due to popular request, I made a letter-sized PDF for you to download and print. Go play in traffic.

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Wizard World Philadelphia starts tomorrow! I'm going to be in Artist's Alley with all the latest Evil Inc gear -- plus all the older stuff you might be looking for. I'll also have cool swag, magnets, buttons, sketches and more. Look for the Evil Inc logo in Artist's Alley. If you're planning to be there, please let me know -- either here in my livejournal or on my messageboard!

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We're celebrating our first year of independent comics excellence! Check out a really cool recap of the year that was and enter into a contest to win signed books by all the BLC members!

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New York area fans of Evil Inc and Courting Disaster now have even more opportunities to buy books inside real brick-and-mortar stores.

Midtown Comics is now carrying Evil Inc Annual Report Vol. 1, Best of Lightning Lady, and Courting Disaster Vol. 1

Next up: California. Stay tooned.

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